The Pastoral Is Political: When the Cure Is Worse than the Disease

Wheaton College had a difficult decision to make: whether to obey the law of man, or the law of God. One would expect that a Christian college would obey the law of God, and that’s what they did. But they also didn’t want to incur the penalties associated with breaking the law of man, so… Read More

The Pastoral is Political – “Polite” Conversation

Lately, my work has steered me to reflect on a topic that doesn’t often come up in “polite conversation” and certainly not in polite religious conversation. And yet, there’s a deep theological undercurrent to this work. I’ve been talking, writing, and speaking about access to abortion care. Or, more specifically, the lack of access to… Read More

Religion, Sex, and Politics

I have an interesting job as a religious professional. I’m not an ordained clergy person in a parish or congregation. I’m the deputy director the Religious Institute, a multifaith non-profit that works to change the conversation about religion and sexuality in this country. And God knows, that conversation needs to change. Fast. Because apparently we… Read More