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Meet-n-Greet: fall colors edition

The fall colors are nearly gone here, thanks to a week of wind and rain–but there are still some gorgeous bright spots where you can see the progression of the season, even on one branch. It’s almost as if some of these trees and bushes took the fall-back hour and made it a fall-back week….they’re… Read More

In the Company of the Saints

This past Sunday afternoon, I was at church with my son. He was playing in the back and I was meeting with a couple of people in the front. A man from the congregation came by and did some minor repairs on the building, including changing lightbulbs. My son followed him around- interested in the… Read More

The Multiplier Effect

Mark 6:30-34 – esp 31b: [Jesus] said to the Apostles, “Come by yourselves to a secluded place and rest for a while.”  RGBP translation: “Come away to a place set apart where we can rest, recoup, share resources, and support each other.”  The congregation I serve is beginning to have honest conversations about money and… Read More

Peeking Behind the Curtain

I remember as a child learning that the cartoons I watched were actually a series of drawings crafted to look like they were moving. I remember learning the voices of my favorite characters belonged to regular people. And I remember my jaw dropping when I learned it took literally years and hundreds of individuals to create my favorite animated… Read More

A Meet-n-Greet for the best month of the year

It’s October! I love October. In addition to being my birthday (that’s right, I observe my birthday for the entire month, because I love it so much), it’s also clearly the best weather we are likely to have in my area. Cool mornings, low humidity, sunny afternoons, breezy, colors changing, gorgeous sunsets…there’s no other month… Read More

Think Differently – Support RevGals 2015

At this joyous and expectant time in the Christian year, my parish is preparing to welcome a new rector. Fr. Scot will begin with us in February 2015, but last night we had a brief introduction. He celebrated and preached at the Saturday evening service, and joined the congregation for dinner afterward. We are VERY… Read More