Friday Festival: God Shows Up

God is popping up in unexpected places in these hot July days.  As temperatures soar and wildfires rage, the quiet places are revealing God’s presence to our bloggers. A wedding in France prompts Linda Anderson-Little to think about savoring experiences rather than rushing through them at Soul Story Writer.  The wedding was expected to be… Read More

Friday Festival: Popsicle Time

mmer is coming!  In some places where school ends early, it’s here. Whether we live on a school year calendar or not, summer brings a lift to the spirits, and the hope of a change in our routine.  Some people travel, and others take dinner outside.  Some of us develop a daily ice cream ritual,… Read More

Friday Festival Time!

The Wednesday Festival has become The Friday Festival!  Change!  And so, without further ado, a little of this, a little of that: Gillian is a priest and psychotherapist living in Victoria on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. I wanted to check out her blog, Gillian’s Island, and discovered a heartwarming story about a fawn rescue… Read More