Saturday Prayer, January 16, 2021

( reflecting 1 Samuel 3) God, you who want to wake me,shake me, and just have someone to talk toin the middle of the night, I pray gratitude for the Eli’sin my life, the so-imperfect people,who were poor parents,or poor judges,who made mistake after mistake,avoided naming injustice,missed God-moments in their own lives. Yet they were… Read More

Saturday Prayer – Strawberry

Thank you God for this strawberry, the last fresh one of the season, almost too ripe to pick and eat. Thank you God for this strawberry, not too ripe after all, plucked carefully to avoid crushing, eaten still kneeling. Thank you God for this strawberry, which is not a metaphor for anything but is just itself… Read More

Saturday Prayer – Snow Day Gratitude

For the snow, thank you. For the footprints of happy dogs in the snow, thank you. For the cloth that the snow throws over a table, as if getting ready for a party, thank you. For a wheelbarrow full of snow that any day now will melt into water, insurance against next year’s drought, thank you. For… Read More

Wits-Ends-Day: Playing the Gratitude Game

A few RevGals have written recently about the Facebook practice of posting things you are thankful for each day in November. Many bloggers are participating, primarily because gratitude is a spiritual practice. We all need some motivation and accountability to pause and notice the good things in our lives. (Let’s be honest, there is a… Read More