The Pastoral is Political: Because it’s gonna take more than just prayer…

Last week, while a bunch of our church kids were gathered and playing and laughing and dancing, a couple miles north there was a drive-by shooting. A gunman (or gunmans) shot into a car, hitting all four people inside: two adults in their 20s, and two babies. Babies. A 9-month-old and an 18-month-old are still… Read More

Thursday Prayer: Dear God, @##!**$^@^!#!!

My son is in first grade. In the first week of school, they do these drills: Fire drill Earthquake drill Lockdown drill The lockdown involves “hiding and being quiet so the ‘bad guys’ won’t know we’re in there”.   I don’t want to hear about any more thoughts and prayers. I don’t want to look… Read More

Right to Remain Silent

We spent a lovely week in Colorado Springs with family for Thanksgiving.  Friday morning, while we were sitting around in our pajamas playing bridge (I would have heeded REI’s call to “opt outside” if it had been warmer than 10 degrees) I started getting texts from concerned friends, asking if I was okay, wanting to… Read More

Friday Prayer:

God of life, It seems we don’t actually care. Or maybe we do, but about the wrong thing… Our idols are false security, false freedom, defense against false enemies… We do not actually value life- real, live human beings- Like college students or moviegoers or first graders… If we did, we would shout down the… Read More