Wednesday Prayer

Surprising Jesus, this is the season when you appear around corners, through closed doors, traveling along the road, or letting us put our hands in your side, breathing on us, or feeding us breakfast. You do the most ordinary and the most extraordinary of things. Keep us alert, we pray, to moments of resurrection. Open… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

This weekend we celebrate the birth of Jesus! It’s an honor and blessing to proclaim one of the central stories of our faith to worshippers on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve. It is also a continual struggle for preachers – how do we proclaim such a familiar story in a way that is faithful, relevant,… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Waiting for Love

Love came down to rescue me, love came down to set me free. Love, it’s a simple word isn’t? Just four letters, such a small word for such a big purpose. You are the incarnation of Love, sweet baby Jesus. You are God incarnate. God, who is the embodiment of love, and all things that… Read More

Saturday Prayer -Simple

In complicated times, Holy Friend, remind us of Your simplicity. “You are the light of the world.” “Do not be afraid.” “Love one another.” “Come out.” “I will be with you.” Amen. Jennifer Garrison Brownell serves as designated term pastor at First Congregational Church -UCC in Vancouver, Washington.  She contributed to the Revgals book There’s a Woman… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary: Who Reigns? Edition

Christ the King Sunday has long been my least favorite day in the church year. To begin with, most of us haven’t had any experiences with kings aside from characters in fairy tales or movies. I don’t like to think of the Messiah as being comparable to, say the King of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary: Sons of Widows

The readings for this Sunday include two stories about a widow’s son being raised from the dead. Elijah raises the son of the widow at Zarephath, who has provided for him while he was in hiding. (Both alternatives for the OT reading include this story!) Jesus raises the son of the widow at Nain, a… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: A God Who Takes Terrible Risks

The governors may not be able to actually deny settlement of refugees, but like schoolyard bullies they are setting an inhospitable tone for their flunkies and lackeys. Like Boss Hogg or Regina from Mean Girls, only with lethal, real life effects. Refugees need community. Communities are greatly enriched by refugees.Y’all are just short-sighted and unpleasant.… Read More

RevGalBookPals: “Jesus: A Pilgrimage”

As your resident book reviewer, I try to cover the books that you might not yet have gotten to, about which you might be curious, or what (I think) you should avoid like the plague. I do have one serious weakness, though, in this position. I really enjoy reading the books of James Martin, SJ.… Read More