The Pastoral Is Political: Putting Earth Day on Our Plate

Sometime after the beginning of Lent 2016 — it was precisely February 21, 2016 — a banner ad caught my attention with this invitation: Go Vegan For Lent That word “vegan” scared me. “Vegan” sounded extreme — strict — restrictive. I clicked through anyway. The pastor in me wondered what vegan had to do with… Read More

RevGalBlogPals statement on the travel ban

As people of faith, members of the clergy, and workers in religious institutions we find the U.S. immigration ban on and deportation of Muslim and Arab refugees morally reprehensible. It is entirely inconsistent with and cannot be reconciled with the Constitutional values of the United States of America. Protection of the vulnerable is one of the… Read More

RCL: Humility, Foolishness, and Blessing

Sometimes the lectionary texts seem to speak to the heart of the struggle. I’m still wrestling with my mixed responses to the Women’s March this last weekend as I am confronted with God’s justice requirements. Reading these texts tells me that I can’t be angry when people show up for justice even if they are later to… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary: An ADVENTure in Justice and Peace

Revised Common Lectionary readings for the Second Sunday in Advent, Year A from Venderbilt Divinity School. Peace. We could all use a little peace right now. There are battles all over the world, but the situation in Syria is especially dire. Many people live in oppression. People are protesting over lack of clean water, or… Read More

RCL: Climbing Trees and Seeing Jesus

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an actual Sycamore tree or that I’d recognize one growing outside my front door. However, I am quite certain they are everywhere and full of people who are short on a variety of things. Zacchaeus isn’t the only one who engages in silly, if not ridiculous, activities in… Read More

From the RevGalBlogPals leadership: Black Lives Matter

We are deeply grieved by the shooting deaths of the past week. The killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile reveal the urgent need to dismantle white supremacy in the United States. The deaths of the Dallas police officers and of Micah Xavier Johnson point toward that same urgent task, exposing the moral and physical… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary: Where’s the Hope?

I begin with a confession:  I am not a one who waits patiently. Under the best of circumstances, my waiting hours are filled with excited anticipation and under the worst, anxious reflection. This Advent season feels more like the second kind of waiting. You know the kind – waiting for test results or that phone… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: Faith Without Works

This edition of The Pastoral is Political is coming to you today because on Friday I was participating in the Vigil for Justice: People of Faith Lighting the Way here in Washington, DC. Imagine faith communities from numerous religions and traditions lining along 16th Street NW from the White House all the way to the Maryland border… Read More