Saturday Prayer: I am a mess

Incarnate God, I am screaming in the temple, flipping over tables, making enemies of those who do not understand. I am relaxing with my friends, enjoying good food, a nice glass of wine, giving thanks for the bread and the cup and the laughter. I am weeping in the garden, feeling terribly alone, fearing what… Read More

Wednesday Prayer

God of peace, you already know that we are worried and distracted by many things. Our hearts are restless, not for you, but for the shiny gifts of distraction, quick comfort and approval. As Lent moves toward Holy Week, deepen in us, we pray, the ability to live with sadness and tension, to rest, not fretting,… Read More

Narrative Lectionary: Behold the Man!

The Narrative Lectionary reading for the fifth Sunday in Lent is John 19:1-16a. Working Preacher commentary is here. Jesus’ trial before Pilate continues, and progresses from heated conversation to violence. Pilate has Jesus flogged. Pilate has Jesus dressed with a crown of thorns and purple robe, to be mocked as “King of the Jews”. Even… Read More

Narrative Lectionary: Denial (John 18:12-27)

This week’s Narrative text begins a 4 week dwelling in the end of Jesus’ life in John’s gospel (chapters 18 and 19). Working Preacher commentary is here. Text this Week resources are here. There’s a lot of different places one can focus in this passage. Where are you leaning? A few weeks ago, we had… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary: Faithful Followers

An impossible child. Sarah and Abraham receive wonderful news from God in today’s reading from Genesis. Though they have no children, and Sarah is long past child-bearing age (and Abraham is long past child-rearing age), God promises them that they will become parents to a multitude of nations. In a society where one’s worth was… Read More