The Pastoral is Political: In the Bathroom

I flew into Jacksonville a couple of months ago and used the cleverly-marked airport bathroom facilities. I get the idea, that no one silhouette can describe all men or all women. I get it, as a short and not skinny person. I get the choice to have the women be skirted for the sake of… Read More

Narrative Lectionary: The Holy Ground of Allies (Exodus 1:8-14; [1:15-2:10]; 3:1-15)

Jacob’s son, Joseph, the favorite, leads the Hebrew people to Egypt during a famine. The Hebrew people are safe for a while, but now the Egyptians have become afraid of the Hebrew people. And have begun oppressing them, “They made their lives miserable with hard labor, making mortar and bricks, doing field work, and by… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: Personal Health Condition

Since my last experience trying to phone my primary care doctor’s office and get a refill amounted to a series of voice mails left by me, which received no answer and led to no renewed prescription, I took the doctor’s advice and today registered for their Internet portal. I looked over my records online and… Read More

Bruce Jenner: Coming Out Conservative, Christian, and Privileged

Hey there, Bruce Jenner.  I heard you just moved into a gorgeous hilltop home in Malibu. I was wondering if you would reconsider and move to Louisiana where I live. Ours is a unique land of crawfish and meat pies, piney woods and bayous, Carnival season and year-round festivals. You have courageously come out —… Read More

Speak Up, Jesus!

News Flash:  David P. Gushee declares: “I’m an evangelical minister. I now support the LGBT community — and the church should, too.” The Mercer University distinguished professor of Christian ethics has shifted his moral stance, now convinced that LGBT persons are more than pawns in Christian ethics debates and victims of Bible proof-texting. I celebrate this… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: Killing Goodness

This Sunday, my Episcopal congregation, like many Christian congregations, will celebrate a hybrid of Palm Sunday and the Sunday of the Passion. We will begin by welcoming the radical prophet’s triumphal entrance into our midst with cheers, waving of palm branches, and songs of “Hosanna, he comes!” By the end of the service we will… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: Free Speech for Ducks

by Marie Alford-Harkey I’ve never watched the television show Duck Dynasty, but I’ve learned a lot about it in the last couple of days since the story broke that A & E suspended family patriarch Phil Robertson from the show for his anti-LGBT remarks. To sum up, it’s a reality show about a family that… Read More

Sexuality and Spirituality

A couple of weeks ago I spoke on a panel about faith and reproductive justice at a conference called Beyond Roe: Reproductive Justice in a Changing World at Rutgers Law School. A colleague from another organization organized the panel for the audience of lawyers, future lawyers, and activists. He framed the panel by saying that… Read More