Thursday Prayer: Our brother, the Ethiopian Eunuch

Thank you God, for our brother, the Ethiopian Eunuch, baptised into your life a forebear in the family of Christ. Thank you for all of our forebears, and siblings who are embodied in ways that disrupt heteropatriarchal norms; who are part of the family you are making: gay and lesbian inside and outside of gender… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: Personal Health Condition

Since my last experience trying to phone my primary care doctor’s office and get a refill amounted to a series of voice mails left by me, which received no answer and led to no renewed prescription, I took the doctor’s advice and today registered for their Internet portal. I looked over my records online and… Read More

Top Ten Sexy Ways to Proclaim the Gospel?

I have the privilege to serve as the co-moderator of the Board of the Covenant Network, which is a group of Presbyterians who have been seeking unity, inclusion, and equality in the Presbyterian Church (USA) for almost 20 years. This past week, the PCUSA achieved marriage equality when a majority of our presbyteries voted to… Read More

Mutual Forbearance in an Age of Fear

I’ve recently blogged about the “nontroversy” (non-controversy) of the couple in Idaho who own the Hitching Post Wedding Chapel and are claiming religious persecution. Donald and Lynn Knapp fear the government is going to put them in jail and fine them because they won’t officiate same gender weddings at the Hitching Post. It’s a nontroversy… Read More