Thursday Prayer, April 14, 2022, Maundy Thursday

God, you are in the details,not of all my plans for this holy season,but of the story of communitythat blesses me differently every year. Open to me, and to some, even one,of those whose sacred momentsI hope to un-tenebrae,so they experience your presence – the vulnerability of a foot,in bunion and blister,and worn by every… Read More

Tuesday Prayer: A Long (Holy) Week Prayer

God, Only you know, how long Holy Week is– Only you were human enough to do all the emotions,  to go from raising Lazarus… to carry the scent of your perfumed feet to the washing of your own disciples, after you spent precious time having one Last Supper one last fellowship one last night of… Read More

RCL-Narrative Lectionary: Holy Week Extravaganza Bonus Edition!

Maundy Thursday. Good Friday. Easter Vigil. Whatever other worship services and events are typical for your congregation. It’s all come down to this, folks! It’s the final countdown, the sprint to the finish, the last hurrah. It’s time to get serious. Jesus has joyfully entered Jerusalem. The final meal, betrayal, arrest, and execution are at… Read More

Narrative Lectionary Special Edition: Maundy Thursday

Narrative Lectionary preachers have already passed by the typical gospel lesson for Maundy Thursday, the story of the footwashing in John 13. Instead we are well into the story of Good Friday, which is okay if your congregation is accustomed to going there on Thursday (for instance if you have combined Communion and Tenebrae into… Read More