Narrative Lectionary: Source of Love

It’s the infamous LOVE text! Read it (maybe for the umpteenth time) here. It is not unfamiliar. This text is often used in wedding and union ceremonies; sometimes ordinations and installations, too. In the Working Preacher Commentary, you can find a historical and contextual glimpse into what might have prompted the Apostle Paul to write these… Read More

Wednesday Prayer

God, on this day in the middle of the week It becomes clear that You are “both/and” Both merciful and just Both leading and at the same time granting free will Both the ground of our very being and transcendent over all In a time that can seem very complex Help us to know that… Read More

Friday Prayer: Just a Few Petitions

For those caring for aging parents, we ask for God’s mercy. For those preparing for a weekend getaway, we ask for God’s mercy. For those going to visit imprisoned relatives, we ask for God’s mercy. For those who are laughing with children, we ask for God’s mercy. For those starting a new chapter, we ask for… Read More