Saturday Prayer, July 16, 2022

God, I come to sunrise from newsof a newly seen nebulathat is a birthplace of stars,a phone message wanting my opinionon the politics of my troubled nation,worry about a friend’s health,the bowed-head yellowof yesterday’s grocery store sunflower,and regret for hasty, unkind words. I come to this sunrise,the one sentby my friend across the world,with her… Read More

Saturday Prayer, May29, 2021

Niwaskowôgan, Great Spirit,this prayer is first prayedon the homelands of Abenaki people,who have lived in the placenow called New Hampshiremore than 12,000 years,being part of the larger groupof Indigenous peoplenaming themselves Wabanaki,“People of the Dawn.” They and those who live herein these dayslook at the same sky and do not knowwhether it is daybreak or… Read More