The Pastor Is Political: Mother’s Day Edition

Ah, Mother’s Day. Another holiday of banal Hallmark cards, rushing to send flowers and gifts, of handing out red and white carnations (red if your mother is alive, white if she’s dead, or is it the other way around?), of asking our mothers in the congregation to stand. In this more-than-one-year pandemic, motherhood is more… Read More

Friday Prayer – If you’re wondering how to pray on Mother’s Day

A Litany for Mother’s Day We remember Sarai who was taunted by others in the household because of her inability to have children. All-encompassing God we pray for those who feel excluded when we emphasis one kind of family as normal We remember Esther, who was adopted and raised by her cousin. God who embraces… Read More

The Pastoral is Political – On Being an Outsider at the OB/GYN and in the Sanctuary

The OB/GYN is not always a happy place where dreams come true. Sometimes, it’s where people discover extremely devastating news or where their baby dreams turn into infertility nightmares. Read More