RCL: Love and Theology

Image I lift my eyes to the hills, do you know psalm 121 is the most favored Psalm? When people are in trouble, they lift their eyes to the hills. The hills, at that time were not places of safety. The hills were where you would find ambush, the hills were where trouble was hard,… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party – Three-in-One Edition

It’s Trinity Sunday. Are you experiencing the presence of the creator as Isaiah describes? Are you listening to Jesus telling us how to be born from above, as Nicodemus did? Or, like the Romans,  are you feeling the spirit of adoption? Or are you going to cover all three in one sermon? See what I… Read More

Narrative Lectionary: Nic at Night Edition

Scripture can be found here… True confession time: Of every jot and tittle to be found in the Fourth Gospel, this is the passage that causes this pastor the greatest anxiety. John 3:16 exists, at this moment in Christian cultural history, as a kind of behemoth. It’s not a line from a conversation between Jesus… Read More