Wits-Ends-Day: A Pastor’s Dream Come True

I started volunteering at our local humane society this week. Not because I’m a good person. Because my twelve-year-old daughter wants to volunteer and she’s too young to do it without parental supervision. After the required orientation, we wore our long pants, closed-toed shoes, and volunteer T-shirts, and showed up for our first shift. The… Read More

The Perils of Pastoring “Progressives”

For those of you pastors fortunate enough to serve a congregation full of thoughtful, intelligent, “progressive” people . . . the Lord be with you. Don’t get me wrong. I love my NPR-listening, free-range eggshell-composting, “Who would Jesus bomb?” bumper sticker-sporting flock. Love them to pieces. Still, those of us with more Priuses than pickups… Read More