Friday prayer: don’t fear the naysayers

“By what power or by what name did you do this?” they said to Peter, not caring for his message, hearing in it the threat of imminent change. Yes, that Peter – one of Jesus’ twelve closest companions, the rock on which Christ declared he would build his church. If people argued with Peter, is… Read More

Narrative Lectionary: Denial (John 18:12-27)

This week’s Narrative text begins a 4 week dwelling in the end of Jesus’ life in John’s gospel (chapters 18 and 19). Working Preacher commentary is here. Text this Week resources are here. There’s a lot of different places one can focus in this passage. Where are you leaning? A few weeks ago, we had… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary: Do not doubt, but believe!

  If it’s the Sunday after Easter, it must be Doubting Thomas Sunday. Or Faithful Thomas Sunday, if you prefer, since he’s the first disciple to recognize Jesus as God. It’s a familiar story about a faithful disciple getting a bad reputation that endures for 2000 years. What will you say about Thomas that you… Read More