The Pastoral is Political: Borders

The Pastoral is Political – Borders I am writing this at the start of a holiday. My hubby and I love traveling. Each year we decide where we are heading and I get planning. I can spend hours looking at flight options and reading reviews of accommodation options. I always aim to get a good… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: Resurrection Courage

Last Wednesday, April 4th, I had the privilege of taking part in a silent prayer walk through the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. It was my first time there. I was filled with mixed yet deep emotion being there on that day, especially. This silent sojourn was both a commemoration of Dr. King’s… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: A Letter to My Children

I’m positive our second child was conceived the week before the 2016 U.S. presidential election. By the time the results came in a week later I had two thoughts: How could I bring another child into the world when I have such fear for the future? How could I not bring another child into the… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: 10 Ways to Defeat a Bully

10. Walk away. Do not give the bully attention. Completely unfollow on social media, if applicable. The person in question has nothing that you want. 9. Information embargo. Engage in ZERO information seeking. Consider what power you have personally and how you can use it to stop streams of revenue, attention, or power to the… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: Independence Day

Independence Day was a protest. Radical white men held protests, and boycotts, and dumped a bunch of tea into the sea because they felt they were being treated unfairly. To avoid paying money into a system that didn’t see them, didn’t recognize them, and refused to hear their voices, they set up their own committees… Read More

Bending the Arc of the Moral Universe (Like Beckham)

In my circles, whenever defeats are dealt, it is common to hear the disappointed person quote Martin Luther King, Jr to say, “The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.” It seems my friends are needing to say that quote more and more often. When discriminatory bills are passed by… Read More

Pastoral is Political:I’ll make the tea then…

Next week Scotland goes to the polls. We have an election…again. Currently we have a SNP led government in Scotland. The SNP did very well in that last UK elections, sending 56 MPs to Westminster. This was a huge shift from the 6 that were there before. It is anticipated that the SNP will regain… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: I Choose Love

I stood on the corner, silently, with a smile and a sign that read, “We choose LOVE.” A man yelled at me, “Tell THAT to ISIS!” A woman got in my face and told me I didn’t know the Bible.That I needed to learn about the wrath of God. A man questioned my ordination. He… Read More