Thursday Prayer

God, when images of a drowned baby and her daddy cannot be unseen help us to imagine a new world is possible – and then compel us to get out of our own way and build it God, when historical places of horror are re-purposed to inflict new suffering help us to imagine that freedom… Read More

Wednesday Prayer

Holy One, Thank you for a new day with new opportunities to grow, new possibilities to love, new intentions to be more like You in the world; even if it is only within our own small world to start. As we lean into the rest of the week, cause us to lean on You, to… Read More

Friday Prayer: Bedrock Truth

God- There are those who say it is impossible to accept the presence of Love you created in some couples. There are some who find fault with each black and brown victim and cry “History” as they wave propaganda. There are some who believe possession of a vagina, femininity, or the name woman are second-class… Read More