Thursday Prayer: The Lord is my grandmother

Grandma, great and mighty God…                                                                                     you take care of me and everything I need. You make me rest in the cool, green grass                                                                            because grass is good for my eyes, and good for my soul. You take me where the water is still and quiet,                                                        where the waters soak up the chaos of… Read More

Thursday Prayer, April 14, 2022, Maundy Thursday

God, you are in the details,not of all my plans for this holy season,but of the story of communitythat blesses me differently every year. Open to me, and to some, even one,of those whose sacred momentsI hope to un-tenebrae,so they experience your presence – the vulnerability of a foot,in bunion and blister,and worn by every… Read More

Wednesday Prayer – Exhaustion

Holy Spirit, Holy Energy, As the week lengthens and our stamina wanes,we seek the extra strength that will sustain our souls.From bulletins to PowerPoints, we are glued to computersas we perfect the tools of our worship. But you are not calling us to perfection.You afforded us human energy and minds,Not super-computers or brains of perfection.… Read More