Thursday Prayer:

“And the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations” (Revelation 22:2)   May we plant,and harvest,these leaves of healing. Amen. Jemma Allen is a priest in the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia. Her ministry is as a counsellor and spiritual director. She is working on her PhD at… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Testing, Testing, Testing

Testing, Testing, Testing… Lord, we are tired of being tested…The unease and uncertainty…The questions and the waiting…The fears… that creep in…“What if???” And yet…You are there with us,Listening, waiting, praying with us.You hold our questionsAnd allow us to rest.Yes,We know deep rest! Despite the reaching, the yearning,The questions, the doubts…In the midst of unknowing…You are… Read More

Thursday Prayer: All the feelings

Dear God,It is climate anxiety,it is compassion fatigue,it is rage about white supremacists,it is bewilderment about conspiracy-believers,it is apprehension about virus variants,it is agitation about the changes that are needed,it is a stomach in knots,it is fretful sleep,it is all the feelings. So many feelings. This prayer,my prayer,is all the so many feelings. In the… Read More

Thursday Prayer: a prayer against conversion therapy

Dear God, The politicians where I live were voting to begin the process of banning “conversion therapy” today. (It isn’t really therapy – it increases distress and diminishes and destroys, so kind of the opposite of therapy really) We have had to hear all kinds of nonsense, purportedly on your behalf, as if you are… Read More

Friday Prayer

I breathe, Dropping my shoulders down and relaxing my jaw. I breathe, Rolling my head from side to side and shaking out my joints. I breathe, Tightening and releasing muscles. I breathe, Acknowledging my thoughts and feelings and remembering they don’t define me. I breathe, Leaning back to find support in your everlasting arms. Amen. … Read More

Friday Prayer

Look, I am truly out of nice words and my ability to craft a lovely phrase flew out the window somewhere with my 900th sigh about unvaccinated people and the call for a third funeral in 15 days. I believe that You are here and at work and that I am surrounded by grace and… Read More