Friday Prayer: Unseen, but Not Unappreciated

God of all vocations- I thank you for the person who drives the street sweeper, the one who dresses and cares for the bodies of the dead, the dairy stocker at the grocery store, and the aid to the aid to the mayor. I may not fully know their work, but I know it makes… Read More

Friday Prayer: The Stars are Still There

Source of All Love- It is raining too hard to see the meteors, but I know they are there. Bright, shining gleams are visible to others, but only fog and drizzle here. Just because I cannot see them does not mean they are not there.   Grant me the grace and peace to trust in… Read More

Friday Prayer: Water Life

Holy Parent- There were surely people who believed the water in which John stood was somehow magic. Likely, they sought to carry it away in small bottles or wineskins, especially those who perceived something about Jesus as well. The muddy Jordan- barrier and invitation- was hardly the holy water of imagination. Yet the water cycle… Read More