Friday Prayer: Psalm 27 Revisited

Psalm 27, Revised Julia Edition God is my opening to life and my deliverance from evil— who thinks they can scare me? The Lord is a solid fence around me— who will try and come through God’s defenses? When those who oppose God’s will come at me thinking they can do something, it is all over for… Read More

Friday Prayer: A Request

Holy God- I do not believe in substitutionary atonement. In my mind, it is anathema that you would require blood, sacrifice, or death to bring things into balance between the Divine Self and the Beloved Creation. However, I could be wrong. If I am wrong… if we are wrong… if so many have been wrong,… Read More

Friday Prayer

I have come to realize that there will always be monsters.   The pain and surreal nature of the unexpected cancer diagnosis, The incomplete healing from a surgical solution, The seemingly perfect call that ends with spears in the most tender places, The omnipresence of the dis-ease of addiction, The posturing and threats of those… Read More

Wednesday Prayer

Lost dogs, lost packages, lost hearts, washing dishes, answering phones calls, folding laundry, listening to tears and anxiety and hope…looking ahead, planning, panicking, resting, laughing, smh-ing, wondering… This is the pattern of this day so far, and its randomness is held together by You. So, so grateful dear God. Amen.   ***** RevGalBlogPals encourages you… Read More

Friday Prayer: Silvery Side

I once read that one could tell that it was going to rain by looking at the trees. The shift in the breeze before a coming storm turned leaves over, their silvery undersides rippling against the brighter green of their siblings. Even though I now live far from where I did when I first heard… Read More