Wednesday Prayer

Holy God, there are gifts we long for this Christmas.  We praise you for the gifts that have sustained us this year: deep hope…holy energy…perseverance…righteous anger…the ability to see injustice around us, and within us.  We ask you for particular gifts this season: rest for health care workers…a full table for the hungry…health for those… Read More

Wednesday Prayer

Mighty God, we understand Advent…but Christmas? Can we turn from Advent to Christmas, when the time comes?  Is there still joy, with millions dead around the world?  Do we deserve peace, with fire weaponized again against Black people?  How can we hope, with millions hungry?  Advent matches our longing for your presence…a big helping this… Read More

Worship Words for Advent 3: Joy

Some people always have the right words. Worship Words is here in case you are not one of those people. Or maybe just not one of those people this week. We have some contributions from our RGBP community to help. Feel free to use as-is, adapt, or use for inspiration. If you use them in… Read More

Friday Prayer

May the God of Abigail protect us from fools who have neither wisdom nor discernment. May the God of Deborah and Jael encourage our understanding that we are the ones we have been waiting for.  May the God of Huldah give us the words of truth to speak to power.  May the God of Bathsheba… Read More

Wednesday Prayer

Lonnie Norman, a mayor from Tennessee, United States.  Dr. Durdana Rizvi, a physician from Pakistan. Antonio Bolívar, an actor from Columbia.  Bernard and Evelyn Seckler, a couple from the United States, who died just a few days apart.  Israel Tollentino, a firefighter from New Jersey, United States. ‘Nanī’ Nabi, a grandmother from Kashmir Rocio Choque,… Read More