Worship Words for 15 August

Invitation TO and BY Wisdom — by Dawn RouckaI’ve been watching hummingbirds all this summer. Birds fascinate me. Sometimes they flock together to the feeder. I have learned that these are the females. Their wings beating furiously and so gracefully. Images of birds invoke the presence of the Holy Spirit for me.In that spirit, I… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Be strong and courageous

“Be strong and courageous,” You say to me.But Holy One,I feel weak and afraid. “Be strong and courageous,” You say to me.But Truth-Giver,I am uncertain what to say. “Be strong and courageous,” You say to me.But Protector,There are people who would devour me, and they seem to be everywhere. “Be strong and courageous,” You say… Read More

Friday Prayer

I breathe, Dropping my shoulders down and relaxing my jaw. I breathe, Rolling my head from side to side and shaking out my joints. I breathe, Tightening and releasing muscles. I breathe, Acknowledging my thoughts and feelings and remembering they don’t define me. I breathe, Leaning back to find support in your everlasting arms. Amen. … Read More

Friday Prayer

Look, I am truly out of nice words and my ability to craft a lovely phrase flew out the window somewhere with my 900th sigh about unvaccinated people and the call for a third funeral in 15 days. I believe that You are here and at work and that I am surrounded by grace and… Read More

Tuesday Prayer

Divine Source of All Peace, How stormy our lives become from time to time. From the losses and trauma, to the questions that plague our minds. These tempests rage, causing us to lose our footing. We fall, hoping to rise with hope when the storm passes. As the storms of chaos surround us, may your… Read More