The Pastoral Is Political – What I Wish You Knew About Portland

You’ve seen Portland, Oregon on the news. But the clips that make enticing news stories don’t tell the whole story by a long shot. So it’s hard to get the real story from the news. The real story is that you can find Christ and Christ’s reign every night on the streets here. I wish… Read More

Narrative Lectionary:  A Rallying Cry (Joshua 24:1-15 [16-26])

I have participated in lots of rallies, marches, demonstrations, and protests over the years.  This is what this week’s text reminds me of.  Read it here. Like Joshua standing in front of the gathered people, moving stories are told. Lived experiences are shared. Rallying speeches are given.  At every crowd gathering—call to actions are made… Read More

Saturday Prayer – For Women Who Do Not March

Pray for women who do not march today. Pray for women who are working. Working in hospitals, in restaurants, in police stations, in the store, on the street corner. Pray for women who are not working today, or any day. Pray for women who lack money even to eat, much less travel to a distant city. Pray for women who do… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: I Choose Love

I stood on the corner, silently, with a smile and a sign that read, “We choose LOVE.” A man yelled at me, “Tell THAT to ISIS!” A woman got in my face and told me I didn’t know the Bible.That I needed to learn about the wrath of God. A man questioned my ordination. He… Read More