Friday Five: blessed rest

I know that a number of our sisters in RevGal land are in need of rest, and would greatly benefit from some time away on retreat, or simply to escape the demands of the usual landscape. For today’s FF, let’s spend a little time considering the subject. Imagine getting away………… Tell us about a place… Read More

RevGals REVive 2015 – Finding Faith Where You Live

“That where I am, there you may be also.” (John 14:3) Where you are impacts how you are, according to a multitude of surveys on the best places to live, the healthiest states, the happiest small cities, the best companies to work for, the factors for a positive work environment, and more. Where you are… Read More

RevGalBookPals: Sacred Pause

Rachel Hackenberg‘s new book will change your life.   Not might. Not could. Not may. Will. Change. Your. Life. On Tuesday night, I threw myself onto my bed with a stack of work to do, including plowing through her book for this review. I wanted to spend time with it, but I just didn’t feel… Read More