The Pastoral Is Political: Are We Really Ready to Open Back Up???

After watching videos of protesters in Lansing, Michigan and other videos and comments of people around the state and country demanding our country to reopen, I noticed my anxiety creeping up.  Will their voices be loud enough to be taken seriously by the Powers That Be?  Or do the Powers That Be already have their… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: Hope in a Pandemic

On Monday, March 16, my grandmother fell in her care center, and her health declined quickly that day.  Due to covid-19, her care center was on lockdown and would not allow outside visitors to ensure that residents do not catch the virus.  While I completely understand this lockdown was necessary for the sake of all… Read More

Tuesday Prayer

Microscopic God who lives in and between all cells- Our world is being photoshopped to seem a bit more peculiar right now. There are empty shelves at the stores- For where is the toilet paper?!? Church is being cancelled in various pockets of our world- Along with St. Pat’s Day celebrations! All that seems ritual… Read More

Tuesday Prayer: “Super” Tuesday

God of the green skies and warming winters- On this Tuesday so “super” May those who are voting see clarity And May they tap into your wisdom. May the viruses creeping around this planet find their demise at your hands and the work of the scientists. May peace fill our hearts as anxiety rises in… Read More

Friday Festival: Artistic Ventures

Lately, I’ve been spending more time on my artwork, specifically my woodburning.  I tend to give myself a tough time when allocating more time on this artwork instead of my writing.  But after long days at the church, this type of creation feeds my soul as I feel as if I’m using another part of… Read More

Tuesday Prayer

As my body aches today, God, I pray for my neighbors who must work with fevers and stomach bugs, and friends who wonder how they will attain their paycheck since their children got sick. When will we value the cost of rest? Will we ever stand for the ones without healthcare? Even in my moments… Read More