RevGalBookPals: Good Christian Sex

We are all facing the need for hard conversations these days. There are conversations that must be had about race, about social structures, about power and privilege, about insectionality, about culture, about values, and about how to be in the world. One (only one) of the topics to discuss in the giant wheel of “how… Read More

RevGalBookPals: Not A Mistake

I found out that I was pregnant with my first child in a Walmart bathroom, three days before presiding at my first Christmas. I still remembering standing in the stall, having driven the four miles to the store (the closest to my house) and not having peed yet. I did not know what to do… Read More

Ask the Matriarch: Books for A Pastor’s Christmas List

Are you looking to add some books to your Christmas list? The Matriarchs are here to help! This week they offer you their “best of the best” in the following categories: Essential books: If she had to get rid of all but a few books, these would stay.  Reference books: For studies, sermons, retreats, leadership… Read More

Announcing a Book Tour/Blog Tour: #WomaninthePulpit

Authors love to describe the loneliness of their book tours: the reading where only two people showed up, including the bookstore barista; the pile of unsold books, whose covers flutter like brave badges of optimism as they’re stuffed back into their box. Personally, I’ve experienced the unique solitude of sitting behind a table which holds copies… Read More

RevGalBookPals: Who’s Got Time

Many, many moons ago, I read a book proposal that was submitted to Chalice Press through the Young Clergy Women’s Project. The proposed manuscript aimed to be a guide to spiritual living for young adults. The authors acknowledged the difference in the twenty-somethings (plus or minus five years) of today with their counterparts of previous… Read More