Saturday Prayer, July 10th, 2021

Even while we are starting to relax the rulesand easing restrictionswe are seeing other placesmoving even deeper into the pandemicand we remind ourselvesthat it is not yet over I am seeing friendsI am worshiping in communityI am watching children playing togetherand I think that it might be overbut then I look at Japanand I think… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Dimensions of the Journey

If they had known it would be forty years, would they have packed differently? would they have planned differently? would they have prepared differently? We do not know the dimensions of the journey to which you call us. We only hear you say… Follow me. Preach, teach, heal. Love others as yourself. Confront abusers of… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Giggly Girls

For giggly girls at a slumber party. We Give Thanks To The Lord. For the innocents of young age, before boobs and boys, before objectivity. We Give Thanks To The Lord. For the opportunity to dance without judgement, where ‘girly’ can mean whatever they want. We Give Thanks To The Lord. Where no boys allowed… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Navigation

Turn right. Turn left. Turn around. Dear God, where are we going? I would love to hear from you today. Is this the right thing? The right place? Are you recalculating? You sure are taking a while, which makes me think I’ve gotten so off course that I should just stop and wait for you… Read More

Saturday Prayer: To Do

The list is long and the motivation is short. Beginning, they say, is the hardest part. Or maybe the harder part is restarting? I don’t know. It’s all hard. Where should I begin? What do I want my end result to be? Too many questions, put up or shut up. OR… I could have another… Read More

Saturday Prayer: What if…

What would happen if I didn’t do the bulletin this week? Would you feel less worshiped? What would happen if I didn’t prepare a sermon? Would you feel less worshiped? What would happen if I didn’t show up on Sunday? Would you feel less worshiped? Probably not… Probably you would be the same wonderful and… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Lucky

Today I feel lucky to be alive. Nothing happened. No near miss car crash No sad news No desperate attempts In fact, I spent most of the day in a frenzy Get out the door Drive to meetings Get frustrated by meetings Complain Laugh Drive Home Dinner Get kids to bed Breathe Lucky, thankful, whole. this is my… Read More