The Pastoral is Political: UMC General Conference

Our Pastoral is Political column this week is shared by Pastor Bromleigh McCleneghan. Hundreds of United Methodists from around the globe are gathered in St. Louis today for a specially-called General Conference to discuss the way forward as a church desperately divided over human sexuality. The outcome of these few days will determine, in large part, who… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: The Testimony of Women

Many of us woke up to the news that the controversial Rolling Stone article “A Rape on Campus” had been retracted by the magazine. After a scathingly critical review from the Columbia University School of Journalism, which cited “journalistic failure,” Rolling Stone was forced to retract (and the article’s author forced to apologize for) the piece that… Read More

The Pastoral is Political – The _Pastor_ Is Political

In the US, we just had “mid term elections,” where we don’t have an election for president but we do elect the entire lower house of our legislature (House of Representatives) and roughly one third of our upper house (Senate), as well as many state, county/parish, township, city, and other positions. So when I say… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: Free Speech for Ducks

by Marie Alford-Harkey I’ve never watched the television show Duck Dynasty, but I’ve learned a lot about it in the last couple of days since the story broke that A & E suspended family patriarch Phil Robertson from the show for his anti-LGBT remarks. To sum up, it’s a reality show about a family that… Read More