Friday Prayer: Nothing’s Good

The body count rises. Arms raised, voices sobbing, blood pours. Is there no balm in Gilead?   The wailing magnifies. There are not enough garments to rend. The ditches are full, but there are not enough Samaritans.   Grief is a monsoon, a typhoon, a deluge. There is no memory of anĀ antediluvian time. The praying… Read More

Thursday Prayer: Dear God, @##!**$^@^!#!!

My son is in first grade. In the first week of school, they do these drills: Fire drill Earthquake drill Lockdown drill The lockdown involves “hiding and being quiet so the ‘bad guys’ won’t know we’re in there”.   I don’t want to hear about any more thoughts and prayers. I don’t want to look… Read More