The Pastoral is Political: All Day, Everyday!

Warning…this may seem like a rant. However, I feel the need to share my recent experience as an example of why this particular blog space is so vital. Too often, many think of pastor OR prophet.  Sometimes we even describe someone as both pastor AND prophet. I believe that the role and responsibility of prophet… Read More

Saturday Prayer – Yellow Leaf

I’m looking for you. I’m looking for you in the rants of the Twitter feed, in the pumpkin-spice flavors of the Facebook page, in the adrenaline boosting headlines of the news at the top of the hour.  But you are not there. I’m looking for you. I’m looking for you in this list of the… Read More

Monday Prayer

Good morning God!! How are you today? Good & bad is what I see… tragedies and celebrations all wrapped up together buzzz, buzzz, buzzzzz…… Good morning God! Can we sit awhile? Chew the fat; shoot the breeze; share some thoughts… reflect on all that is going on in the world buzzzzz, buzzzzzz, buzzzzzzzzz……. Good morning… Read More