Wednesday Prayer

God our rock God of changing seasons God of justice God of promise God of love Be with us now as we seek answers in the midst of flying bullets, drones and bombs Be with us now as we run for cover in the midst of tornadoes, floods and storms Be with us now as… Read More

Saturday Prayer – Spring Prayer

So God, Where I am now they call this springtime. I want sunshine, flowers, robin’s eggs, and even muddy boots shed on the stoop on the way inside for a cup of tea, served with a big spoonful of honey. Spring’s sweetness is what I want. I do not want the bitter blast of cold… Read More

Saturday Prayer: The Dead of Spring

   God of our lives, it’s raining, again. I mean April showers and all that, but come on? Can’t we catch a break.  I long to feel the sunshine on my face and a warm breeze.  Inspiration seems to flow so much faster when the light shines. The warm breeze reminds me of your spirit,… Read More