RCL: Foolishness, Wisdom, and Community

Usually, Lent calms me. I realize that it’s okay, even necessary, to acknowledge my brokenness, my sharp edges, my weak places, and my overall need for God’s power and presence. It’s not working this year. Maybe because I have stopped trying to cover over or ignore those parts of me that aren’t so pretty or… Read More


Matthew 21: 33-46 I don’t know how to read such a rending text on the heels of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma & Maria, and the violence in both Rohingya and Las Vegas. Its hard for me to read about the brutal killing of the messengers and the son of the landowner. And, the response by the… Read More

Narrative Lectionary: The Rules of Engagement Edition

The Narrative Lectionary commentary from Rolf Jacobson is here. Please note that there is one long commentary the entirety of the Ten Commandments series.   Who among us has not been tempted to respond, “Because I said so” to a repeated “Whyyyyyyy?” from a child or other adult? That shorthand response stems from frustration. We… Read More