Saturday Prayer – After Violence

Dear God, Your children gather in concert halls, on trains, on buses. We pray for their protection, for their prospering, for their joy. But sometimes, evil has its way.  Sometimes the tools of evil – the knife, the gun, the, bomb –  seem stronger than your love. So we, Your children gather on city streets,… Read More

Friday Prayer: in the aftermath of more violence in our world.

    In a world in which it appears violence and terror reign We praise you O God: we acclaim you as the Lord. In a world of divisions, of fear and pain Throughout the world the holy Church acclaims you: Father of majesty unbounded, your true and only Son, worthy of all worship and the… Read More

Wednesday Festival:Lighting Candles and Loving our Neighbours

This week’s Wednesday Festival comes in the wake of continued terrorist activity in the world.  Around the rings RevGals and Pals are writing both about how we make sense of violence of our world and how we respond – both to the violence and to the fear that is triggered by that violence. Joanna wonders… Read More

Sunday Prayer: Your world is groaning

Holy One of Justice and Compassion, We come before you today, hearing your Word within the words and world around us. Your world is groaning, crying out in forsakenness. Bombings killing hundreds, Shootings terrorizing students and teachers and families and friends. Unbridled storms letting lose the flood waters, destroying communities, Chronic illness, untreated dis-eases shrivel… Read More

Sunday Prayer: A Call for Justice

My God, My God, Our words escape us. There is only shock, and grief, and anger. We thought we had left this behind in the past, The 16th Street Baptist Church bombing and those four little girls We continue to remember them. But it has happened again. Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, their pastor and… Read More