Saturday Prayer

Saturday Sabado Sabbath It should be But Dear God, When else would those committee meetings happen? The shopping get done? The chores untouched during the week? Those final worship tasks and sermon tweaks? Saturday Sabado Sabbath Is it okay God, if for some of us it is not “a day”? But, perhaps Sabbath is found… Read More

Monday Prayer – Planner

Morning, afternoon, evening… Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday… Monday. Monday – here you are again It seems like no time since last Monday Our weeks, and days planned out Lines on a planner Entries in a diary Mark our work, our leisure, our quiet times, our creativity (or lack thereof) God of all the… Read More

Friday Five – the Times they are a Changing

The Times They Are a Changing This is the season of change; our Facebook feeds are full of pictures from first days at school; and news of exam success and college places for our teens. In our churches the summer season is ending and minds turn to autumn and all the things that will start… Read More