Friday prayer: we need each other

I rememberwhen you brushed my hair into lopsided pigtailswhen you let me “work” at your office to earn quarterswhen you came to every basketball game to watch me take statswhen you took me on spring break parent-child adventureswhen you sent me goofy pictures and motivational quotes, knowing I was homesick at collegewhen you played with… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: Math Sunday

Greetings, preachers! It’s Math Sunday, better known as Trinity Sunday for those who follow the liturgical calendar. The Sunday when somehow one and three are equal. Are you tackling the Trinity? Or doing something else entirely? Revised Common Lectionary post with discussion is on our blog, if you need a kick-start. In the U.S., it… Read More

RCL: The Joys of Trinity Sunday

Every year when Trinity Sunday comes around, I find myself thinking about the first children’s sermon I ever gave. It was nearly 30 years ago when I was a field ed student during my first year of seminary. Long before I knew the impossibilities of theological math, I thought I had the perfect object lesson.… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party – Three-in-One Edition

It’s Trinity Sunday. Are you experiencing the presence of the creator as Isaiah describes? Are you listening to Jesus telling us how to be born from above, as Nicodemus did? Or, like the Romans,  are you feeling the spirit of adoption? Or are you going to cover all three in one sermon? See what I… Read More

Friday Prayer: There is Love

At the beginning of time, there was chaos and darkness- disordered nothingness But that harsh environment, in the sharp edges of confusion and potential, There was Love.   God’s own self existed- Truth does not exist in a vacuum. There was a relationship within God that is beyond our imagination. There was Love.   The… Read More