Wednesday Prayer

Dear God, Not even a contentious US election can keep the sun from rising anew As we await results, please– Cause peace to rise up in our spirits and kindness in our conversations Continue to draw out determination and hope for the shift this nation needs Compel decision makers to ensure all votes are counted… Read More

Wednesday Prayer

God, please teach us how to prayWith our voteWith our walletsWith our masksWith our bodiesWith our work God, please teach us how to prayThrough the fearThrough the struggleThrough the injusticeThrough the hateThrough the complacency   God, please teach us how to prayIn loveFor loveOffering loveEmbodying loveIncreasing love God, please teach us how to prayAnd please,… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: Witnesses

There’s a cloud over your ballot. No, it’s not rigged or marked to be trashed or about to get literally soaked by rain or snow. I mean: there is a cloud of witnesses over your ballot. Yes, you… there in the small booth or at your kitchen counter or in the post office or marking on… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: “Sit. Down.”

Several weeks ago, the ELCA Churchwide Assembly, the voting body, gathered in New Orleans to conduct the business of the church.  There was also a parallel assembly, The Grace Gathering.   The Grace Gathering was organized to include those who were not voting delegates, but like them, share an interest in the future of the church.… Read More