Wednesday Festival: Christmas Past…

This past Sunday night I saw the most interesting approach to the play “A Christmas Carol”! An audience of less than 150 people sat on benches in Ebenezer Scrooge’s office, and watched as live performers combined with puppets (representing all the ghosts and the memories) acted out the wonderful Dickens tale.  My favorite ghost last… Read More

Wednesday Festival – A Variety of Attention Grabbers

Six days of blogs from this group is a LOT of reading! I didn’t find any particular theme that popped out at me this week, but the posts below particularly grabbed my attention, and so these are what I have chosen to share with you this week. Some were brand new thoughts and ideas, and… Read More

Wednesday Festival – Transition Time

Transitions, transitions . . . . I’ve been pretty busy with my congregation’s own merge-or-close-or-learn-to-do-21st century-ministry questions, but it’s always good to see the discussion engaged elsewhere, as with Jan’s question in achurchforstarvingartists about management versus leadership. If you are following Diane’s Faith in Community move from one congregation to another, from one state to… Read More

Almost Summer Wednesday Festival

I thought that this week maybe I’d find some light-hearted posts about late spring and early summer – graduations and weddings, picnics and vacations – but what kept popping up were posts about fear. Odd, that, given my determination to find gardens and swimming pools. But then, also: grace in the face of fear. And… Read More

Wednesday Festival: A Really Tough Week

It’s been a really tough week, and that’s been reflected in the topics of our blogs. The rage and hurt expressed in Baltimore found its way into two blog posts, one offering prayer and another reminding us to listen to the minority voice when we don’t know what to say. The irony of Earth Day… Read More

Wednesday Festival: Ordinary Joy

Set down your sackcloth and ashes for a moment. Pause from the frantic preparations of Holy Week bulletins and palm-frond-finding and Easter-egg-dying. Come and savor some ordinary joys from the blogging network: …from the rocks which are “safe places, sheltering places, hiding places, exactly what [we] need”… (Just Wondering) …to the delight of a newly-baptized… Read More

Wednesday Festival: Marking Lent with Poetry

We have many poetic voices around the RevGalBlogPals network, and poetry seems a fitting form by which to mark the Lenten season — catching a phrase here and there, finding meaning in a clump of ashes, holding onto one parable or one word or one crumb, cobbling stones together in search of a path that might deliver us… Read More