There’s a Feminist in the Book of Genesis

I am a seventies baby. I was born in 1970 and I heard, read and experienced a lot around civil rights, women’s rights, feminism, glass ceilings, etc. I was raised in a middle class community where my family was clearly the minority. My elementary and high schools were comprised of kids from my community, predominately… Read More

11th Hour Preacher’s Party: The power of one

This Sunday’s RCL texts offer much food for thought – about abundance, about power, about the part each of us plays in the bigger picture of life. Plenty for us to get our teeth into! But enough of the puns. Where are you headed in worship this week? Are you following RCL and groaning at… Read More

Wednesday Festival: A Really Tough Week

It’s been a really tough week, and that’s been reflected in the topics of our blogs. The rage and hurt expressed in Baltimore found its way into two blog posts, one offering prayer and another reminding us to listen to the minority voice when we don’t know what to say. The irony of Earth Day… Read More

Blog Tour #WomanInThePulpit

Together we RevGals have birthed / launched a book! It’s available for purchase by clicking on the book cover in the right sidebar. Remember that all proceeds will support the ministry of RevGals. To help spread the word, various RevGals and supporters will be featuring the book on their blogs for the thirty days between April… Read More

Announcing a Book Tour/Blog Tour: #WomaninthePulpit

Authors love to describe the loneliness of their book tours: the reading where only two people showed up, including the bookstore barista; the pile of unsold books, whose covers flutter like brave badges of optimism as they’re stuffed back into their box. Personally, I’ve experienced the unique solitude of sitting behind a table which holds copies… Read More