Worship Words: Wedding Edition

One of the great joys of ministry is to participate in life’s milestone moments with people. A wedding can be a beautiful occasion and we are always striving to make the language we use both consistent with our faith traditions and personal for each couple. Sometimes it can be a challenge! Here are some words… Read More

Worship Words for 20 June

If you need some liturgical inspiration for this season, here’s some from your fellow RevGals — feel free to use or adapt or simply be inspired to write your own (and if that happens, we hope you’ll share!). Please give credit in print and video descriptions, but verbal attribution is not necessary. Call to Worship… Read More

Worship Words for 13 June, Ordinary 11B

There’s something about Ordinary Time this year, isn’t there? Last year it was Ordinary Time during incredibly Extraordinary times. This year we’re somewhere between extraordinary and ordinary, where actually the ordinary that we long for is also anxiety-producing when we experience it, particularly since it comes alongside the strange. Which makes liturgy written for “normal”… Read More

Worship Words for 6 June 2021

How is it June? Time during a pandemic is so strange. As different parts of the world are having very different experiences just now, it becomes ever more complex to figure out what to do, liturgically. Responses? Singing? Prerecorded online only? hybrid? zooming from the sanctuary with a live-in-person congregation at the same time? live… Read More

Worship Words for Pentecost 2021

Many of us are still looking for new ways of celebrating the Holy Spirit doing a new thing this year…and some of us are tired, and others burned out from navigating ever-changing guidelines and infection/vaccination rates and rules and safety and public opinion and technology, and some are inspired with new ideas! Here are some… Read More