11th Hour Preacher Party: acting on faith

Somehow, it’s already Saturday. Or for some among us, it’s already Saturday night. Sunday’s coming, friends, whether we are ready or not! Whether you are working on what it means to have faith the size of a mustard seed (RCL commentary is here), or the Ten Commandments and the idea of teaching the next generations… Read More

Friday Festival: Why aren’t you writing?

RevGalBlogPals began as a webring, a connected group of bloggers with the shared interest of being or supporting women in ordained ministry. In those pre-Facebook days, we kept up with each other by navigating from one blog to another, carrying on conversations in the comments that sometimes migrated from one person’s page to another. All… Read More

Tuesday Prayer

Holy Streams of Creativity, flow gently upon my soul as I embark upon a time of writing. Douse doubts that plague my mind, infecting my thoughts with negativity. Open my heart to know that you call me to pen sentences and statements which will help strengthen your Kin-dom. Amen. ***** The Rev. Michelle L. Torigian… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: Seeking writers

We are seeking more clergywomen to write for our weekly feature, The Pastoral is Political. Our current team includes 16 writers who each write 3 to 4 times per year. Writers address a topic of their choosing in which there is some intersection between the life of faith and the civic or political world. RevGalBlogPals is committed to… Read More

Friday Festival: Our Stories

At Tales from the Great Adventure, Blog Pal Derek asks a great question for reflecting on our own lives and for reading one another’s reflections on their lives: “Our lives tell a story; they are a body of work. What story is it that you tell, simply by living?” Mary Beth of Terrapin Station writes… Read More

Friday Festival: Eve Meditations

The eve of Christmas Eve is waning (in the U.S.’s eastern time zone). For many RevGals who pastor churches all around the world, the final preparations & worship services are nearing completion. The light at the end of the Advent/Christmas liturgical tunnel is drawing blessedly near. To encourage your spirit’s meditation amidst the busyness of… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: Getting started edition 

A couple of weeks ago as I was packing up my office in the call I was leaving a member of that church said, “Would you be willing to reuse a sermon?” Me in my head: Oh yes! Apparently you haven’t noticed I’ve done it here! Me out loud: If the circumstance is right. She continued,… Read More