Two Mommies
Lest we forget all families do not look the same…

Note: This post is updated as of 5/7/2016. Links added this year have an asterisk.

This is a compilation of resources and thoughts about whether and how to address Mother’s Day in Christian worship.

First, worship resources from members of RevGalBlogPals. Consider them open source unless the blog post specifies how to give credit.

Mother’s Day Litanies and Prayer at RevGalBlogPals by Patty Lawrence, Julie Craig and Martha Spong

Affirmation of Faith that celebrates the gifts of women by Laura Schmidt Viau*

Prayers of the People for Mother’s Day by Gord Waldie*

#mothersday Litany (which means list #prayer) by Katy Stenta

If you’re wondering why it’s a question, please start with these blog posts from RevGalBlogPals members:

When Mother is the Hardest Word by Rev. Dr. Wil Gafney *

A Mother’s Day I’ll Never Forget by April Fiet*

Parents Through Baptism by Jordan Davis*

5 Ways the Church Hurts on Mother’s Day by Elizabeth Evans Hagan*

The Pastoral is Political – On Being an Outsider at the OB/GYN and in the Sanctuary by Michelle Torigian at RevGalBlogPals

Mother’s Day: A Cautionary Tale by Marci Glass at Huffington Post Religion

Mom Don’t Want No Stinkin’ Card by Ruth Everhart at the Christian Century

Real Mothers of the Bible: To Hell and Back for Their Children by Lindsay Hardin Freeman

Dear Churches, Please Do Not Acknowledge Mother’s Day by Linda Moore at Linda’s Bloughts

Church and Infertility: Ask a Pastor featuring Elizabeth Evans Hagan

And here are some great thoughts from the wider web:

Checklist for What to Say on Mother’s Day from Project Pomegranate*

White Feminist Privilege and the War on Mother’s Day by Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes*

An Open Letter to Pastors (a non-mom speaks about Mother’s Day) by Amy Young at Time-Warp Wife

Why I Hate Mother’s Day by the great Anne LaMott at Salon

The Lanyard by Billy Collins, a great poem about mothers that also suits the theme of God as Mother

5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day, or not

  1. I appreciate these posts. It is a difficult holiday to approach. With so much celebration, I always feel it should also be a time for public grieving. Thanks for prayers that hold both together beautifully. I’m particularly moved by Martha’s prayer Because Mother’s Day and will be praying all week. The posts suggesting how to approach Mother’s Day are also helpful.

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