Friday Prayer

Holy One – did you lean closer today and watch as the small black cat crossed the road, toward my beckoning hand on her delicate paws? Did you hear the way she purred, did you send her just for me? And while I’m at it, can you make heaven like summer camp? Can there be… Read More

Thursday Prayer May 26, 2022 A Blessing for Our Teachers

We need to confess, Holy One, that the world has made profane the sacred calling that is teaching; the sacredness of caring for our children and our futures is dismissed as menial labor, undervalued and sorely underpaid. Redeem us from the world’s thoughtlessness and help us to bless those among us who have answered this… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary Worship Resources: May 29, 2022 Acts 16:16-34

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*SUNG CALL to WORSHIP #106 Alleluia, Alleluia! (chorus, v. 1-2)??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? *HYMN #104 Christ is Risen, Shout Hosanna! CALL TO CONFESSION: Jesus wants to set us free, let us confess our need for God’s freedom and forgiveness to God. UNISON PRAYER OF CONFESSION ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Jesus, we confess that, like the slave girl and…

100,000 and counting

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On April 19, 1993, my friend Laurie Barry called me saying she heard the sound of many, many children screaming and crying. While she lived in Michigan at the time, as the news unfolded it turned out that what she heard, right at the time of the attack, was the sound…

Tuesday Prayer

Holy Peace- As chaos churns in our world, our souls weigh heavy by tragedies in the news. As hate rages within our neighbors, we find it harder to permeate cold hearts with love. But you, God, find ways to reach into our spirits, bringing light and love, transforming this world into your realm. Heal our… Read More