The Pastoral is Political: Waiting for Justice

Advent is by far my favorite liturgical season. This time of quiet reflection and expectant waiting, with the multiple meanings that it carries is always a rich one for me personally. The themes of a fertile darkness where things grow and change, the eschatological hope for justice through God’s realm on earth, and all of it… Read More

Monday Prayer: basking

The days are harried, the dark enshrouds, and still there is joy poking through the bustle and burdens. Melodies of holy wonder pierce the mindless chatter that abounds, and laughter overcomes the slog of weariness. Even in this season of seeming contradictions the way becomes clear, pointing one direction: toward hope, and promise, and revelation,… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: Surprise Edition

For some of you, this is completely unremarkable. For some of you, it’s completely out of season. But we received 3 inches of snow at our house in South Central Texas Thursday night! It came as a surprise, not in our forecast at all! We know that such things are ephemeral here, so everyone let… Read More