Narrative Lectionary:Born Again (again)

I’m at the RevGals Big Event Continuing Ed Event this week in Dallas. Grateful for this time to be with my clergy friends and learn Enneagram wisdom. (Be sure to sign up for next year’s Big Event, which will be online before too long). This week’s Narrative Lectionary passage is John 3:1-21. I’m partial to… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary: The Do or Die Edition

Sometimes the lectionary texts present more challenge than I feel ready to accept. This is one of those weeks. Here in Minnesota we are digging out from the largest snowfall in years. For today that means people are taking things a bit slower and the world is covered in the cleanliness of new-fallen snow. And… Read More

Tuesday Prayer

“My cup runneth over” may be my grandest dream for today, But in reality “My cup is half-full” would suffice. In this somewhat-subdued time of year- Whether slower gray days in the North Or balmy calming days in the South- We are called to renew our energy. And yet, these supposed-slow moments are slid aside… Read More

The Pastoral is Political

This week, the federal Department of Health and Human services announced a broadening of protections for the exercise of one’s religious freedom. In general, freedom of religion in healthcare has been in the purview of the patient: the ability for people to ensure that their medical treatment does not violate their religious practices. This week’s… Read More

Friday Prayer

I have come to realize that there will always be monsters.   The pain and surreal nature of the unexpected cancer diagnosis, The incomplete healing from a surgical solution, The seemingly perfect call that ends with spears in the most tender places, The omnipresence of the dis-ease of addiction, The posturing and threats of those… Read More

Friday Festival: Gifts in Surprising Places

January is a hard month to love, especially in the Northern United States where I live.  Our friends in the Southern Hemisphere may be loving life these days, but January takes a toll here.  Our bloggers, in different locations, are finding unexpected gifts this week, and they share their discoveries with us. Living up to… Read More