Saturday Prayer, July 30, 2022

God, this prayer is only my selfie,object of so much humorand undeniable visible truthand not the picture photoshoppedor the portrait skillfully painted, carved. Just me, here now,this day, these anxieties, these loves. Thank you for receiving it,without carefully shaped intercessions,for so many who need grace,expressions of gratitude,that most of the time I feel,regret for the… Read More

Friday Prayer

God who calls us to rest, to release Remind us what is ours and what is not Allow us to embrace the many lessons While acknowledging that for all things there is a season You call us to love one another as you have loved us This love does not cater but liberates This love… Read More

Friday Prayer

Creation understands interdependence Embraces it, models it Reveals to us that in our connection we have our very being Creation is calling us back to life To accountability To communion To joy To healing To freedom I pray we humans get it … The Creator is conspiring on our behalf Revealing a living hope Filling… Read More

Tuesday Prayer

According to her brother, the singing never stopped in the house that she founded. Sister of Naucratius and Gregory of Nyssa, she chose to leave behind wealth and status, abandoning everything to move to an ancestral home near a river, where her haven of fervent women learned the scriptures, and to sing, and to heal… Read More