The Sacred Pause

“Sacred pause is the locus of liberation…” – Rev. Meredith Crigler The Board of Directors of RevGalBlogPals has decided to take a Sacred Pause from the beginning of Advent 2021 until the beginning of Lent 2022. The Board made this decision by taking stock of their capacity, the realities of the world around them, recent changes… Read More

Saturday Prayer, November 27th – Preparing

Holy One, for weeks nowthe stores have been hawkingChristmas thingsand the television has been advertisingholiday specialsand persuading children thatthey really really really wantthis, that, or the other People have been bakingand houses are filled withtantalizing smellsWe are buying extra foodto accommodate the appetiteswhich seem to be biggerat the time of the year The argument continuesabout… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: How to Change

Content note: the following is my own opinion and reflection and is not written on behalf of the Board of this organization. At our very last group gathering for this organization, in January 2020, we were facing some big changes. Our Executive Director was moving to the next stage in her life and this group,… Read More

Tuesday Prayer – Inhaling Peace

Spirit of Sabbath- I start a new season with deep breath of peace. In my exhale, I’m releasing the complicated air of tension. Each inhale inflates my lungs with hope, and every exhale releases the pressures of this day. Gratitude fills my lungs with joy. Worry leaves my inner being as air rushes from my… Read More