Saturday Prayer – Yellow Leaf

I’m looking for you. I’m looking for you in the rants of the Twitter feed, in the pumpkin-spice flavors of the Facebook page, in the adrenaline boosting headlines of the news at the top of the hour.  But you are not there. I’m looking for you. I’m looking for you in this list of the… Read More

Thursday Prayer: Tarore of Waharoa

Today in the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia we remember and give thanks for the life of Tarore of Waharoa, a 12-year-old Māori girl who died in 1836. This information about her life is by Archbishop Sir David Moxon. Tarore was the daughter of the Maori chief Ngakuku. She studied at the… Read More

Friday Prayer: Ashes Again

I saw the wildfires, Lord. The flames licking at houses, scorching trees. The stuff of homes and families and memories… GONE. I am undone. The raging power of the flames scared me, their passion was so all-consuming. but unlike the fires, You are not capricious. You are not destructive. I searched my heart… In the… Read More

Tuesday Prayer, in which God asks us, “How much longer?”

Holy God, We’ve had one extraordinary day after another, composed of violence and disaster and death; we’ve reacted with fear, grief, exhaustion, anger, and despair. We ask you, how long? You ask us the same. How much longer until people say no to leaders who stir up hate? How much longer until people put down… Read More

Friday Prayer

Santo Dios, ten piedad de tus hijos en Puerto Rico. Rompa los corazones de aquellos que se interponen en el camino de la curación y la restauración. Agitar la convicción del Espíritu Santo dentro de los pechos de las personas que hablan de la deuda, mientras que fingir a la atención. Muestre bondad a aquellos… Read More