Friday Prayer

There are things that happen that are unthinkable, but not unimaginable. We are able to imagine them, but we push them away because we do not want to think about them. What is unimaginable is living after the unthinkable. Holy and merciful God, we pray with broken hearts for all who are living- breath by… Read More

Thursday Prayer: Chocolate

Dear God,This prayer isn’t very poetic,and it isn’t very Lenten either.But I’d like to thank you for chocolate.Most particularly I’d like to thank you for the chocolate almondsI ate yesterday afternoon,after going to a funeral and before seeing a client,that sustained me physically,and kind of emotionally too. I’d like to thank you for chocolate in general,especially… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Frozen heart confession

Holy One, The ice that fell on top of my driveway, just shoveled last night, reminded me… Repentance is an act of daily, even moment-by-moment awareness of the depths or my stubborn nature, and the limitless Grace you offer me. Sometimes I resent this work of persistently seeking you. Sometimes I want my humanity to… Read More

Saturday Prayer: The fields of our hearts

Take fields of our hearts, Lord,The tired, the worn, the fertile and well-used,The tested and tried ones.The fields of our hearts need rest, Lord.They are weary. As we begin the Lenten season,Prepare us.Cultivate our hearts to listen.Help us turn over the old barren places.Soften the hard and rocky edges.Show us the promise of spring, of… Read More

Worship Words: Transfiguration Sunday (2/14) and Ash Wednesday (2/17)

Are you looking for some liturgical language that helps express where we are in these days? Here are some offerings from around the RevGals community, for you to use or adapt. Please give credit in video descriptions or manuscripts, but no verbal attribution is necessary.  TRANSFIGURATION SUNDAY Prayer: Glory, by Christine Jerrett, posted on Christine… Read More