Thursday Prayer: Our brother, the Ethiopian Eunuch

Thank you God, for our brother, the Ethiopian Eunuch, baptised into your life a forebear in the family of Christ. Thank you for all of our forebears, and siblings who are embodied in ways that disrupt heteropatriarchal norms; who are part of the family you are making: gay and lesbian inside and outside of gender… Read More

Saturday Prayer – Spring Prayer

So God, Where I am now they call this springtime. I want sunshine, flowers, robin’s eggs, and even muddy boots shed on the stoop on the way inside for a cup of tea, served with a big spoonful of honey. Spring’s sweetness is what I want. I do not want the bitter blast of cold… Read More

Saturday Prayer: The Unity of Kindred

“How very good and pleasant it is When kindred live together in unity,” I read. Really, God? How about Cain and Abel (we all know how that ended) or Joseph and Esau (which, come to think of it, actually did have a happy ending, but only after considerable strife)? But even Jesus who refused to… Read More

Friday Prayer: Lamenting and Confessing

This week I was fortunate to be present for the A.C.T. Now! Anti-Racism Rally on the National Mall in Washington, DC. This prayer was born from my experience. When we do not see in one another the Imago Dei, we “other” them. May all who are Called be change agents for reconciliation and peace. Oh… Read More

Thursday Prayer: for mechanics and musicians

For mechanics and musicians we give you grateful thanks; For street-sweepers and statisticians we give you grateful thanks; For receptionists and researchers we give you grateful thanks; For bakers and candle-makers we give you grateful thanks; For bus drivers and baristas we give you grateful thanks; For planners and pattern-makers we give you grateful thanks;… Read More

Friday Prayer: The Harrowing

Holy and generous Christ- In your harrowing of hell, remember your children who are between hosanna and hallelujah. Recall the family and friends of Stephon Clark. Have mercy on his children.   Grasp firmly the wrists of those who have received a diagnosis of death for this life. Tighten your hold on those whose work… Read More