Monday Prayer

Dear God, thank you for the many blessings to ponder in the early dark of Monday morning. Thank you for soft cat voices asking for breakfast, for fading daffodils and blooming tulips, standing tall and somewhat pretentious. Thank you for spring rain carried on the breeze, for the sounds of organ music pouring forth from… Read More

Monday Prayer: Through the Valleys

Another Monday has come, O Lord, and we are unprepared for another week. We’re still feeling the echoes of yesterday’s worship words and feeling the exhaustion of navigating Zoom, or prerecording, or negotiating in person in these lingering days of pandemic. The sighs are deep, our bodies are tired. And, yet, you call us into… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Scattered and broken

Oh Holy One, We are broken and scattered. Our hearts are crushed. We see the debris of lives before us, tossed about with indifference and violence. We see the carnage of prejudice and bigotry. We are grieving. We stare at the broken bodies, the tearful families, the aches that cannot be eased, the posturing and… Read More