Monday Prayer

*here in Scotland our news headline is the engagement announced this morning between Prince Harry & Meghan Markel…  Holy One we give thanks for good news of great joy!! The trumpets blast and our hearts soar… It’s just a wedding but it will carry with it diplomacy, and new relations between two nations. Holy One… Read More

Tuesday Prayer

“Do what scares you most,” they say. God, this is obviously creating a panic inside of me. I know tackling this fear is crucial to family and friends and my sense of call. I know this in my head. But my soul is cringing right now. The one thing that scares me the most creates… Read More

Wednesday Prayer

If we celebrate a Celtic Advent, with seven weeks of preparation of Christmas, mirroring the seven week of Lent, it begins today.  I find myself drawn to this longer season of preparation, feeling like the traditional four weeks are the church’s celebration, and these first three, bonus weeks are a gift for me. In the… Read More