Tuesday Prayer

According to her brother, the singing never stopped in the house that she founded. Sister of Naucratius and Gregory of Nyssa, she chose to leave behind wealth and status, abandoning everything to move to an ancestral home near a river, where her haven of fervent women learned the scriptures, and to sing, and to heal… Read More

Friday Prayer

Holy One – did you lean closer today and watch as the small black cat crossed the road, toward my beckoning hand on her delicate paws? Did you hear the way she purred, did you send her just for me? And while I’m at it, can you make heaven like summer camp? Can there be… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary – Nov. 14

As I reviewed the readings for this week one theme rang out, accompanied by a visceral image of robed people crossing a field at dusk toward a church that glows. A wondering of mine is how to find the right words to convince people to be true disciples of Jesus, to undertake a painful and… Read More