Wednesday Prayer

Dear God, Not even a contentious US election can keep the sun from rising anew As we await results, please– Cause peace to rise up in our spirits and kindness in our conversations Continue to draw out determination and hope for the shift this nation needs Compel decision makers to ensure all votes are counted… Read More

Tuesday Prayer: The Choices We Make

God of Justice and Peace- As the world rotates today, may your calm filter each corner of our communities. As many of us wonder “what happens next” in this very unusual year, we seek spaces free from anxiety. God, my soul aches for humanity. I hurt when I don’t see my neighbors remembering that, they… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Expectant Prayer

Holy One, We pray with expectant hearts, believing that you will answer. The problem is, we hate waiting. We really hate waiting… As we wait, encourage our hearts. Remind us of your faithfulness, month after month, season after season. Show us the guideposts you’ve left, the cairns of your Spirit’s presence. Infuse our hearts with… Read More

Thursday Prayer: a prayer of showing up, together

Dear God.I have written prayersfor others to praywith carefully crafted wordsand evocative imagery. I have written prayersabout having no words,the prayers of feet pacing hallways,the prayers of our tears. I have outlined a box in my journalempty of words or images.A space marking a prayer. I have danced my prayersknitted my prayersdrawn my prayers. And… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Covered

Holy One,You cover us with your love,Your grace,Your kindness,Your abundant patience.We need only look upAnd seeAnd hearAnd tasteYour goodness.Our thoughts are scattered,Distracted,Blown and tossed by winds of our whimsy and unruliness.You know us so well…And yet,We are coveredWith your love. Thank you.Blessed be.Amen. Rev. Deborah Vaughn, BCC is a chaplain endorsed by the Alliance of… Read More