Thursday Prayer: about Covid-19, again.

Dear God, This is another coronavirus prayer. It seems impossible to talk to you about anything else without talking first about the pandemic. More than 1 million cases around the world now. A third of the globe’s population in some kind of lockdown. I know you know this, but all the conversations I have these… Read More

Saturday Prayer:

Oh Holy One, They stand as silent witnesses, Remembering greener times, Counting the leaves they lost, And looking to the promise of Spring. And so do I, Looking around the bend in the road ahead, Remembering answered prayer, Celebrating fruitful ministry, And listening to the Wind of the Spirit Blowing through the barren branches. You… Read More

Thursday Prayer: For Clergywomen

Today in the calendar of my denomination we remember George Herbert “and all saintly parish priests”.  This prayer has a wider view of priests and pastors worth celebrating! For clergywomen, of every community and tradition, that we might grow in holiness, grace and wisdom: God who calls us, hear our prayer! For those who lead… Read More

Sunday Prayer: Mountaintops

We climb the mountain to wait. Surrounded by a cloud, we wait. While the nations conspire, we wait. When brightness overwhelms us, we wait. Through the long night, we wait. Until the Spirit speaks, we wait. As we wait, we are already: your witnesses, your inheritance, your collaborators, your beloved vessels, your anointed, your freedom.… Read More