Narrative Lectionary: Jesus and the Scribe Stand Several Feet Apart to Converse (Mark 12:28-44)

Assume positive intent, thoughtful people advise, when reading emails.  It’s hard to understand someone’s tone of voice from the words on the screen. Even when – or especially when – we know them well.  Perhaps it’s hardest with someone we know, or think we know.  We add the weight of all our previous interactions to… Read More

Tuesday Prayer

Microscopic God who lives in and between all cells- Our world is being photoshopped to seem a bit more peculiar right now. There are empty shelves at the stores- For where is the toilet paper?!? Church is being cancelled in various pockets of our world- Along with St. Pat’s Day celebrations! All that seems ritual… Read More

Tuesday Prayer: “Super” Tuesday

God of the green skies and warming winters- On this Tuesday so “super” May those who are voting see clarity And May they tap into your wisdom. May the viruses creeping around this planet find their demise at your hands and the work of the scientists. May peace fill our hearts as anxiety rises in… Read More

Saturday Prayer:

Oh Holy One, They stand as silent witnesses, Remembering greener times, Counting the leaves they lost, And looking to the promise of Spring. And so do I, Looking around the bend in the road ahead, Remembering answered prayer, Celebrating fruitful ministry, And listening to the Wind of the Spirit Blowing through the barren branches. You… Read More

Thursday Prayer: For Clergywomen

Today in the calendar of my denomination we remember George Herbert “and all saintly parish priests”.  This prayer has a wider view of priests and pastors worth celebrating! For clergywomen, of every community and tradition, that we might grow in holiness, grace and wisdom: God who calls us, hear our prayer! For those who lead… Read More

Friday Festival

Remembering her own mountaintop journeys prompts Martha Spong to reflect on the mystery of the Transfiguration.  She poses an interesting question about what the disciples – and we – perceive. “In this era of propaganda and marketing, social media and political campaigns, our perceptions are being messed with all the time. What are we noticing? Has truth changed? How… Read More