Friday Festival: God Shows Up

God is popping up in unexpected places in these hot July days.  As temperatures soar and wildfires rage, the quiet places are revealing God’s presence to our bloggers. A wedding in France prompts Linda Anderson-Little to think about savoring experiences rather than rushing through them at Soul Story Writer.  The wedding was expected to be… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary: Wheat and Weeds

Jesus could have been using my garden as an example when telling this parable. Weeds among the things that were intentionally planted? Story of my life. I don’t particularly like weeding, so often the weeds will grow so tall that they will overshadow the plants that are supposed to be the highlights of my garden!… Read More

Tuesday Prayer

Divine Creator, who aligns my body, mind, and soul, My heart is racing right now. Palpitations have emerged victorious. Anxiety is my companion since childhood. As life progressed it has invited itself without permission. It has made me overthink, over-care, overwork. And sometimes baby steps have been the only way to move forward in life.… Read More

Ask the Matriarch: Grumbling about the Part-Time Pastor

The number of part-time pastors and bi-vocational pastors is on the rise. This week’s question is from a RevGal who is leading her congregation as they make that shift. Hear her challenges: Dear Matriarchs, I serve as the congregation’s first part-time pastor because — you guessed it — the congregation can no longer afford a… Read More

Tuesday Prayer

God, every moment of this day is claimed. The spaces between meetings have been filled with movement. Rest seems like miles from me. Energize me. Keep the breezes of drowsiness away until this evening when I will need to sleep. Grant me focus. Relieve me from any anxiety that comes my way. Amen. ***** The… Read More