Wits’ End: Coping in a time of Crisis

Dear Clergy Colleagues, It’s rough out there! Between a worldwide pandemic, the attempted overthrow of democracy in the United States, and the projected beer and Spam shortages, 2021 isn’t looking much better than 2020. In the current reality, our jobs are incredibly difficult—emotionally, spiritually, and practically. So here are some helpful things to keep in… Read More

Wit’s End: Weekend Edition

With thanks to all of you who have shared your ideas and stories of pastoring during a pandemic. Rev. Joanna Harader serves as pastor of Peace Mennonite Church in Lawrence, KS. You can read some of her more serious thoughts about Advent on her blog, Spacious Faith. RevGalBlogPals encourages you to share our blog posts… Read More

Wit’s-End Day: The Sweet Word of God

A few weeks ago, RevGalBlogPals president Julia Seymour invited her Facebook friends to make her choose between two entirely unrelated things. I asked her to choose between Girl Scout cookies* or the deutero-Pauline letters.  I’ll spare you Julia’s response, but the result of it was a long conversation about which type of cookie embodies each… Read More

Wits-Ends-Day: Church COVID-19 Survey Results

How comfortable would you be coming to in-person worship? Very comfortable. (33%) Fairly comfortable. (34%) Not at all comfortable. (33%) Comments: “Covid isn’t real and God will protect us from it.” “If we don’t meet in person next week I’m finding another church that really believes in God.” “If we meet in person within the… Read More

Wit’s-End-Day: COVID-19 Bingo Edition

While in “normal” times, I have very mixed feelings about bingo, right now- I’m all for it. I know we are all experiencing different griefs, pains, and hopes in our various places and vocations. This bingo card is not at all intended to imply what anyone “should” be doing, but instead to offer encouragement that… Read More

Wits’ Ends Day: Pandemic Pastor Types

I’ve been involved in several Facebook chats, Zoom calls, and email conversations with clergy from across the U.S. and around the world in these weeks of Covid-19. In these interactions—and through general observation of news, church websites, and Facebook posts, I’ve noted a few distinct types of pandemic pastors. The “Lentiest Lent” Pastor This pastor… Read More